What REALLY Motivates Me…..

This past week’s #ArkEdChat topic was “Motivation in Education.” This chat was AMAZING! (We trended above the #NFL for a bit on the first night of the season….that’s EduAmazing!) There were educators from all over the globe chiming in with perspectives on what motivated them & how they motivated their students and teachers.

So…….this chat made me reflect….”What REALLY Motivates Me?”

1) Student Success: I have an unwavering desire to see students succeed. This is a continuous motivator. This might be on a geometry test, in a choir competition, or a ballgame; but most importantly, it’s in life decisions after school. This is why I am an educator; I want to make a difference, I want to be the “game changer” for THAT kid. When I say “THAT kid” I’m talking about; me or you, a poor kid, a middle class kid, a southern kid, a city kid; any kid that needs me.
2) Peers: Amazing people doing awesome things motivates me to push myself and always remember to “Do what is best for kids at all times.” A great example of this is the upcoming 2013 @bammyawards . I am a finalist for the Secondary Principal of the Year Award. I know……..WOW!! Let’s examine the people I am nominated with:

@NMHS_Principal : Eric Sheninger- When you Look Up EduAwesome his picture is there! He is a 2012 NASSP Digital Principal and pretty much everything I want to do, he did…..a year ago! ;0)

@chrislehmann : Chris Lehmann- HELLO- #EduCon , Science Leadership Academy….all things great in the World of Philly Education & BEYOND!

@casas_jimmy : Jimmy Casas- The MOST SINCERE Leader in the World! IA Principal of the Year #IAedchat I have never met a person that doesn’t LOVE THIS MAN! (great friend & mentor!)

@Dwight_Carter : Dwight Carter- 2013 NASSP Digital Principal, SMOOTH is his middle name! Innovative & creative NOW!

Then there is………….

@daisydyerduerr : THAT’S ME! Whoa……just being in a group with these four has motivated me to be better, do more, & try harder! THIS IS A TOUGH CROWD!

3) Competitiveness: My first eight years in education were spent as a very successful basketball coach. I enjoy winning; I abhor losing. Sometimes this “competitiveness” helps me achieve goals both for myself and with my school team. I often find myself making things a competition. I love this! (admittedly, some find my competitive nature a tad intimidating….I’m working on that!)
4) Mentors: WOW! This has been so important during the highs and lows of my career as an educator. I’ve been extremely fortunate to have several people take the time to mentor me as a young teacher, coach and administrator. This started when I was an assistant coach, with my Head Coach Brad Blew. Today this continues as I look to @casas_jimmy & @NMHS_principal (& others). Their confidence in me has motivated me to do more innovative and exciting things in the last nine months than I have in my entire career as an administrator. ;0) I am dedicated to doing the same for others through #SAVMP and my #PLN .

Whatever Motivates You: Thank You for being involved in education! Thank you for being a part of the noblest profession in the World! You are making THE difference.

6 Responses to What REALLY Motivates Me…..

  1. Hal Roberts said:

    I feel fortunate to even be in the same chat with leaders like you. You motivate me to better. Blessed to know you!

  2. Celia Drews said:

    You ROCK – this will be the topic of my next blog. Congrats on the nomination – you are deserving of the honor – even among those you listed. Good luck!

  3. Lisa Degnan said:

    Congrats my Twitter friend. Your determination to help others and your efforts to connect educators is evident to me…. even though we are states way. You connect with people and that is a gift. Good luck!

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