12:00-12:05 Welcome & Introduction

Daisy Dyer Duerr
Host, Totally Rural Podcast

12:05-12:50: Federal Developments

Noelle Ellerson Ng
Associate Executive Director, Policy & Advocacy, AASA: The American Association of School Administrators

Dena Beck
Loan Specialist and Senior Project Leader, Rural Assistance Project, Center for Rural Affairs

Heather Dimeris
Deputy Associate Administrator for the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy, Health Resources & Services Administration

12:50-1:00 Q&A

1:00-1:50: State–Level Innovations

David Ardrey
Executive Director, Illinois Rural and Small Schools

Jon Bailey Director, Northeast Nebraska Behavioral Health Network

Tyler Vacha
Director, Development, Engagement, and Operations, Center for Rural Affairs

1:50-2:00 Q&A

2:00-2:50: Success Stories & Trend-Setters

Jennifer Martin
Principal, Apalachee High School, Winder, Georgia

Amanda Freeman
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Senior Counsel, Telemedicine Wellness, Intervention, Triage and Referral Project (TWITR)

Jason Bell
Executive Board Member, Tennessee Rural Education Association

2:50-2:55 Q&A

2:55-3:00 Closing Remarks

Daisy Dyer Duerr
Host, Totally Rural Podcast