Today is MY Day!



It is July 1, 2015 and I’m officially no longer employed as a Principal.

My “New Journey” has begun!

My Goals are simple:

1)   Positively impact as many schools, students, educators, & communities as I possibly can.

2)   Create a Culture in Rural Education where ALL Students receive an excellent education & a High Value is placed on Postsecondary Education & Training.  (Exposure to high-tech learning tools & differentiated teaching methods used in top institutions in America must become the norm in all rural schools.)

3)   Work toward an Education System where Location & Socio-Economic Status NEVER Determine the Quality of Education you receive.

I plan to work directly with School Districts, Federal & State Governments, and various Organizations to accomplish these goals.

I am THRILLED to already have some opportunities for speaking, consulting, and providing professional development ahead of me.

My new work email is please email me if you are interested in working with me or would be willing to share my contact information with possible clients.  I have an “Initial List of Offerings” which is a work in progress I can send out upon request. My website will also be receiving a major facelift in August.

I want to thank everyone for the words of encouragement & support!

I am scared to death…but I know I need to follow my Passion & make a difference! A special thank you to  my husband for taking a risk with me and also to these special members of my PLN for really believing in me & encouraging me to follow my dream: @E_Sheninger , @KleinErin , @thomascmurray @Angela_Watson and so many more!

I know I am just one “Southern Belle”….


9 Responses to Today is MY Day!

  1. Jen Marten said:

    Congrats! What an exciting change. I look forward to hearing the ups and downs as you get started. I know you will be amazing.

  2. Celia said:

    Daisy –

    OMG!!! You will be FABULOUS! Sharing your passion is your passion! Best wishes on your journey!

  3. Kristi said:

    So proud of you, Daz! Now, when is that Apartment 4 reunion?!?!?

  4. Jerri J Kemble said:

    Daisy, We must meet. I have been an educator in rural Kansas for over 30 years. We share the same passions! Now I am in Lawrence, Kansas near Eudora, where you will be speaking! I would love to come and see you! Let’s connect. We have a lot to share!
    Jkemble on twitter.

    • Sorry we didn’t get to meet! I am going to back for the USAKansas Conference in June. I am lucky enough to be Keynoting there- perhaps that might be our time!?

  5. Jenny said:

    Congratulation, Daisy. Thank you for advocating and spreading hope to our rural schools. Students in rural and small schools are largely under-represented, yet they serve over 6 million students in our country!

    Best wishes from rural Northern California!.

  6. Lyle Bayley said:

    I am a Superintendent/Principal in rural Idaho. We have 316 students K-12 with our 9-12 population having a one to one device ratio.

    What can you do for us? I am listening……


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