Technology in Middle Class American Homes

I’ve been reflecting on the changes that have taken place over the past 5-10 years with technology in our schools. Wow! It’s an amazing transformation.  My husband overheard one of my conversations and mentioned how drastically technology has changed in our home over that same period of time. I really didn’t believe him…then I started assessing some things…and he may have a point!

Here’s What the Technology Landscape Looks like in my Middle Class American Household:


Family Member DAD (Banker & Ownerr of a Mini-Storage Business) MOM (School Administrator turned consultant/speaker) Daughter (11 incoming 6th grader) Son (6…just graduated from Kindergarten)
Computing Device of Choice Dell Laptop w/ Quickbooks Macbook Pro Chromebook Anything they let me on!
What do you use this Device for Mini-Storage Business & Internet Surfing EVERYTHING!!!! Google Apps,Lots of YouTube…has her own channel CCsPetshops Loves to Play on Animal Jam and just keep his sister off of it!
Mobile Device Iphone 4 Iphone 5s Iphone5c Ipod Touch & a back up Ipod Touch for when he loses one.
What do you use this device for? Communication, Work emails, work calls, texting, APPs


Communication, Google Calendar, Emails, Texting, Apps (Social Media!), PHOTOS (does anyone use a camera now?) Music, Messaging,Videoing for YouTube Channel, Minecraft, Pinterest,


Minecraft, & Any game he can possibly find that I’ll agree to download
ANY OTHER DEVICES   IPAD Mini & IPAD AIR (I share with the family!)    


Today, I couldn’t imagine life without these devices and I could justify owning every single one of them to any person who wanted to argue they were excessive (I do this with my husband often!). However, without aging myself too badly…I do have to admit…I remember having to go to the computer lab to do all my work in college.  I also remember the first time I ever saw one of those “New Fangled” Bag-phones!

WoW! Times have changed…our children/students are growing up in a completely different world than existed even 10 short years ago!

I am thankful for the great educators who make all of this work together in the best interest of our kids! Eric Sheninger says it well, “Pedagogy is the driver and technology is the accelerator.”  SO…..get your seat belt fastened, this is sure to be an awesome ride!



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  1. Peter Cincotta said:

    As always, you speak the truth! It is certainly amazing how much technology has grown over the past (quick) ten years. Good for us; good for our kids; good for their future. Our struggles (as educators) to “keep up” and to maximize the power of technology in the learning environment, is also our privilege to do so. We can forever say, “We were there when it all began.”

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