She’s Stealing My Thunder…….

I have recently been having a week that could easily parallel with VH1’s “BEST WEEK EVER.”  My school has been recognized statewide as a top 10% school and has received some award $$$ and I was just named a 2014 NASSP Digital Principal! I mean seriously, to borrow the words of Coach Jim Harbaugh, “Whose got it better than ME? NOBODY!” That’s how I am feeling right now……but not just because of those amazing things that have happened to me and my school……but because I have a daughter who amidst all this exciting news has, as she put it, “Stolen my Thunder!”

While articles about my NASSP Digital Principal Award spread throughout Arkansas and nationally, my 10 year old was making quite a name for herself as well. My red-headed writer had crafted a story earlier in the year which was selected as a Top 5 Finalist of Mrs. P’s “Be a Famous Writer” Contest! Her story and four others from across the nation were part of a LIVE announcement of the winner (no, she & her class didn’t win first place) via YouTube last week! WOW! Her story won a gift card to purchase books for her class and made for an extremely exciting day at St. Paul Elementary!

If that wasn’t enough….our High School had the most beautiful Homecoming Ceremony this past Friday night and my daughter, all by herself, stepped out into the middle of a packed gymnasium and sang the National Anthem. It was her first time to do this, and as the Principal I sure hoped it was good but as her mother, I was so nervous I could barely stand it! This is my shy little girl who has made a shoebox into a “confidence box” at home full of positive quotes to access when she doesn’t feel like she can do something. So for this 10 year old to sing the National Anthem it was much more than a song…it was a statement. Guess what? She went out and absolutely nailed it! She did a beautiful job and was all smiles as she strode off the court with confidence!

CK Homecoming

I’ll gladly have her “Steal my Thunder” ANYDAY!

4 Responses to She’s Stealing My Thunder…….

  1. Teresa said:

    Go CK!!! So proud of both of you. 🙂

  2. Tim Hadley said:

    I believe off all of the amazing things we accomplish or do in life, none is greater than the passing of greatness to our next generation. #legacy

  3. Scott Smith said:

    That is so awesome Daisy! Your whole family is great apparently! You should be very proud as I know you are!

  4. Celia Drews said:

    LOVE it! Absolutely LOVE it!

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