Personally: I Choose to ‘Fail Forward’

I haven’t read John C. Maxwell’s book, Failing Forward, but let me give you my personal version:

May & June have included a series of what I consider both professional and personal failures. I have failed when I just “knew” I would succeed and I have let people down when that was the last thing I ever wanted to do. My family, friends, and colleagues have done exactly what great friends, family, and colleagues do; they tell me “I’m too hard on myself,” “I haven’t failed at anything;” but I know…

Here’s where I have a choice; Feel sorry for myself? Quit? Give up?

I mean; Really? Is my life that terrible? (uhhh…NO!)

So I didn’t “get chosen for this?” Someone “didn’t like” something I said or did? Maybe I wasn’t on time for an event I should’ve been to?

I handled something wrong as a parent and missed out on the ‘parent of the week” award?

IS IT REALLY THAT BAD? Do I allow myself to be defeated over these things?

NOT A CHANCE…as much as sunshine and ‘daisies’ are wonderful; I do believe failure makes you stronger.

These failures (although not fun and numerous these last few months) have made me reflect:

Who am I?    As a Mother, Wife, Person, Educational Leader

How can I be better? At all of these!

Am I prioritizing correctly in my life?

Why am I such a whiny baby? (#seriously)

In this reflection time, I came to the conclusion that failure isn’t that bad; for me it’s a GREAT MOTIVATOR: it makes me want to be a better version of myself. If I have to fail sometimes to make me a better mother, wife, person & educator, then, darn it, I guess I’ll just have to fail. (Just a tiny bit….on a limited basis please…I’m getting gray hairs!)

I’m making a conscious effort to FAIL FORWARD, 1,000 miles per hour, with unapologetic abandon.

Look out people!

I’m taking risks; I’m trying new things, I’m not going to be AFRAID to fail anymore!

Something GREAT is going to happen!

In fact, it already is; when you fail a few times…little successes sure do seem like GIANT VICTORIES!

I’m learning to appreciate things before I might have taken for granted.

I’m ready to fail and make the best of it!

Bring on MY LIFE; I looked in the mirror and guess what?

My life is pretty darn awesome…failures & all!

5 Responses to Personally: I Choose to ‘Fail Forward’

  1. Scott Smith said:

    Thank you for sharing! Great insight! I think we all feel that way from time to time.

  2. Greg said:

    As someone already with “gray hair”, your blog is “spot on”.

  3. Naida said:

    Thank you for your honesty in this post. It is refreshing, inspiring and admirable.
    Life is Good!

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