A New Day

Well…I did it! After 10 years as a Principal…I turned in my resignation.

I am not burnt out or bitter…I absolutely LOVE my job!


Over the past four years I have been involved in an amazing school turnaround in Rural America. This turnaround was made possible by integrating technology and investing in relationships by all stakeholders in the most rural, isolated, and poor southern town imaginable.  We were able to take our school from failure and possible state takeover to one of the top 10% schools in our state…having received an “A” rating this Spring.

St. Paul Digital Learning Day 2015

From this amazing experience…I found my true passion: RURAL EDUCATION.  (I am born and raised in this environment…but who knew it would be my professional/life passion?)

So Why leave a School that is Now Successful?

1)   I WANT TO DO MORE! We are already a successful Rural School…but there are many other schools that are underserved and underperforming out there- whether rural, suburban, or urban; I believe I can bring something from my experiences to help these schools/students/staff/communities.

2)   PASSION! I believe in servant leadership…the students/staff/community at my school will be well served…part of the process of our school turnaround included building teacher leadership…our school is “in great hands”- I truly believe the success will continue! It’s time for me to “Serve” others!

With these two things in mind…I realized that Rural Schools are “individually” small, so if I want to impact Rural Schools throughout America as a group, simply taking on a Principalship in another school is not my “Best Strategy.” So…to work to make a difference in more Rural Schools throughout our country…

I have to “Take a giant leap!”

I am going out on my own full-time as a Consultant/Speaker/Writer.

I hope to work with individual schools, like-minded groups, post-secondary institutions, and individuals to promote the use of technology and relationships to improve all schools. My area of expertise being Rural Schools.

Some presentations which will be included in my portfolio:

  • Bridging the Opportunity Gap with Technology in Rural Schools
  • Building a Culture of CAN in Your School Community
  • Digital Tools for Digital Leaders
  • Bring BYOD to Your School Regardless of Your Socio-Economic Population
  • Rural Education “Matters”
  • Empower Rural Schools with Technology
  • Building Teacher Leadership from the Ground Up


My website: daisydyerduerr.com will be getting a major “FACELIFT” with a hopeful launch date of July 1st!

I appreciate your support during this transitional time…I am excited…but admittedly apprehensive…probably a better word would be scared!

My new work email is daisydyerduerr@gmail.com

I appreciate you connecting me with anyone you might see as a “Fit” for my new venture! To say my husband “the banker” is a nervous wreck…would be an understatement!


12 Responses to A New Day

  1. @8amber8 said:

    I am SOOOOOOOO proud of you, Daisy!!! You’re going to be amazing and i KNOW you’re going to do amazing things for students everywhere!!

  2. Brad Currie said:

    Daisy: You rock!

  3. allen said:

    Good luck DDD!

  4. Kamila Thigpen said:

    Congrats, Daisy!!! It’s great to hear that so many other schools, students and rural communities will benefit from your great leadership! Know that I’m sending good karma, luck, blessings and whatever else may be helpful your way 🙂 Looking forward to hearing more!

  5. Daisy, congratulations! I retired from public education and decided to consult to bring new awareness to literacy education via the integration of tech/lit. I speak about redesigning literacy landscapes. Perhaps, at some time we can chat.

  6. Congrats, Daisy! I look forward to seeing how you impact even more students in your new role.

  7. C Tate said:

    Congratulations! Thank you for taking this risk…to help others! Wow! You are truly an inspiration & innovator for education! Thank you & bless you!

  8. Agric said:

    Stepping out takes guts, congratulations! Wishing you the very best as you focus on improving rural education.There’s a gap that needs to be filled.

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