Much More than a Field Trip…

Every year as a Principal, I have made a conscious effort to be a part of AT LEAST one field trip with my students.  Today was one of those days (Bus ride & all)!

WHY is this a priority to me as a principal?

To me, as an administrator in rural areas with low socio-economic populations…it’s so much more than a “Field Trip.”

Field Trips are about:

1)  Teaching social skills

2)  Exposing students to the “unknown”

3)  Having fun outside of the school walls


5)  Understanding social norms of students

6)  Letting our “guard” down

7)  Witnessing joy

8)  Empowering

9)  Finding connections

10) Being an educator

And so much more…

As a principal it can often become a challenge to “get out of the office” much less out of the building; I understand that.  However, not one student has ever come up to me and said, “Mrs. Duerr, I remember that awesome report you turned in on time,” or “Wow Mrs. Duerr, great job on that teacher evaluation paperwork!”

But, there isn’t a week that goes by that I don’t run into a student who says “Mrs. Duerr remember when we went to _______, that was the BEST TIME I’ve ever had!”  or “Mrs. Duerr remember when we ________________ on our trip to ________________ that was so awesome!”

So….yes, the work will not go away; I will get it done, but right now I’ve got a yellow bus to catch…I’m going on much more than just a field trip!


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  1. Hal Roberts said:

    I would say…relationships, through immersion…you are my hero

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