Invest in What Matters

As educators it is extremely important to utilize our time efficiently. One way I am trying to do this for myself is by prioritizing the things I INVEST my time in.

My Top 3 MUSTS to:  “Invest in What Matters”

1) Relationships

I believe relationships are the very foundation of everything we do in education. Without genuine relationships the amazing tools and research based strategies we employ in our classrooms and schools will not be as effective.

  • Teacher/Student
  • Administration/Student
  • Teacher&Admin/Parent
  • School/Community
  • Administration/Teacher

All of these relationships together create an inclusive school culture.   This culture provides students, teachers, parents, community, and administration with an opportunity to provide students with the best education possible. WIN-WIN!

2) Professional Growth

We must allow ourselves rich professional learning experiences. Often we are doing great things in our schools and our students are learning at high levels, so we forget we still need to continue OUR learning.  We must never allow ourselves to “fall into the rut” of not learning professionally. As the teacher we are the “lead learner” in our classroom, or as a principal we are the “lead learner” of our school. We MUST consciously make time to interact with other educators, learn from their experiences, and grow as professionals.  Professional learning doesn’t just happen, we have to make time and make it happen.

3) Reflection

Admittedly, this is a “Must” area I struggle with! As an educator we are often so rushed moving from one task to the next or from one student to the next we don’t take time to reflect on how things we did work. Maybe we executed what we thought was an amazing lesson during 2nd period, but in reality if we reflected on student feedback we might see the level of engagement wasn’t as high as we thought. Or perhaps as a Principal, I felt like I did a great job explaining our new teacher evaluation system, however, if I reflected on feedback from my teachers I might see that there was still mass confusion and my “bang-up” job of explanation wasn’t really so ‘great’ after all.   Reflection on what we do as well as what we learn really brings our learning full circle and makes it a much richer experience.

These are 3 of my MUSTS for “Investing in What Matters” to use our time efficiently as educators…. I’d love to hear some of yours!



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