I’m not Promoting…I’m Sharing

Recently I had a really great conversation with an outstanding principal (and now friend) I met through connections on Social Media. One of the things that came up was my distain for negativity, specifically among our peers.  I’m not talking about dissenting viewpoints; I am completely fine with those and see their value in this space that is social media.

I’m talking about “negative nellies;” people who have obviously had a bad day and want to ‘share it with the world!’

Let me confess: I am an extremely positive person and also a Type A ‘southern belle’ so it is true to say that I believe everyone else should share in my positivity. #dreamer  ;0)

As an educator on social media this medium has allowed me to learn incredible things and connect with a huge variety of people I would have never had the opportunity to connect with. Being connected through Social Media and using these resources/connections has absolutely made me a better Principal and has enabled me to help improve the learning that is going on at our school. To me this is an absolute WIN-WIN for everyone!


Through social media I am going to talk about a lot of great things amazing people I know are doing because IT IS AMAZING and I want to share it with the world! It’s called sharing; not promoting! If I’m chastised for retweeting things I believe might help some teacher in a classroom or some principal at a school, or even better…some students (maybe mine) in their learning because someone thinks I’m just “PROMOTING” my chat or my ‘friends;’ so be it.

If someone has the opportunity to hear an amazing speaker like @ToddWhitaker or @gcouros I’m going to share that…these guys can totally change you as an educator; why wouldn’t I want as many people to experience that as possible? To me NOT SHARING that would be wrong!

I will absolutely ‘toot the horn’ of @NMHS_Principal and his new Digital Leadership book…because I believe it truly is a ‘game-changer’ for principals in our generation!

When @casas_jimmy blogs (which he doesn’t do enough in my opinion- hee! hee!) I will be sharing it- because it is always relevant, practical, and brilliant! Not because I want him to like me; because what he does is amazing and everyone can benefit from it!

So there will be nothing but positivity from this southern gal…I am sharing things because I think they’re great! Not because I want to be a “cool kid” or I need reaffirmation from anyone but because I want us all to be better…including me! Guess what….I consider you all my edufriends. I consider anyone who does great things in education someone I want to be close to. I reach out to people all the time to ask questions, gain knowledge, and look for guidance. There has never been a time an educator has reached out to me through social media that I haven’t done everything I can to work with them…because that’s what we do! We help each other!

So here’s the thing:

I tweet a lot.

I tweet & retweet resources I find which I think are valuable for educators.

I tweet links to great articles from outstanding education authors.

I tweet awesome blogs written from people from all over the education landscape who are doing absolutely amazing work.

I tweet about #ArkEdChat A LOT! (Topics, Notifications, Times, Reminders)

I tweet some of my favorite songs as a pick me ups! @theavettbros

I tweet responses and encouragement to members of my PLN.

I’m going to tweet about the @BammyAwards because it’s POSITIVE & it encourages recognition awesome educators. (I’m honored to be nominated and I’m proud to stay positive about this year’s awards.)

Oh and yes…I will continue to tweet silly miscellaneous things about Diet Coke as well!

As @8amber8 once said “Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours burn brighter.”

Let’s work on lighting each other’s candles by being POSITIVE, and SHARING (yes call it promoting if you want to I don’t mind) the excellent things everyone is doing! Let’s face it; y’all are AMAZING and we are better together!


7 Responses to I’m not Promoting…I’m Sharing

  1. Hal Roberts said:

    Awesome post Daisy, I’ll promote and share what you post. Just sayin

  2. Don GATELY said:

    This is a fantastic piece Daisy you hit the nail on the head in so many ways. We have an obligation to share all the great things that we come into contact with. That’s how we all grow. Thanks so much!

    • Thanks so much for reading Don! Really appreciate you taking the time and for sharing the great things you see out there as well! Together is how we get better!

  3. I totally agree with you, Daisy. Not to be an “echo chamber” but because I feel the same way. (Maybe it’s that southern thing!) I believe that we all continue to get better when we put our collaborative heads together, when we share great ideas, and when we support each other. Why tear each other down? We get enough of that from those who AREN’T educators. 🙂 Have a super day, girl! I believe in you!


  4. Dennis Schug said:

    Daisy, your post reminds us to keep focus on celebrating and sharing the incredible things happening in our schools. Connecting with the amazing innovators out that, who are willing to share (you’ve mentioned some of the greats) keeps the ideas and momentum surging. Thank YOU, Daisy, for being one of those people for ME! It’s my pleasure to have connected with you and to learn from you daily!

  5. Janice Podgurski said:

    You absolutely hit the nail on the head. IF you find something that works great, as an educator why would you NOT share it. It’s all about the kids, and whatever it takes to teach them, show them, educate them.

    As a new teacher, we are taught to beg, borrow and steal. Do not reinvent the wheel, someone else already has. Well kudos to you Daisy for trying to make it easier for everyone.

  6. Scott Smith said:

    This is the second time I have read this. Just as good second time around. We should all be willing to share and promote others who are doing great work and shedding a positive light on education and the world. Thank you for your thoughts.

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