Creating is a Beautiful Thing

The idea of student CREATION has become an expectation in classrooms across America. No longer do our school children only create in their art classes or when doing the yearly science experiment. Thanks to amazing educators and the empowerment students from all different locales have now with access to technology, students are creating in all different disciplines…and I FOR ONE…LOVE IT!!!

Students aren’t just “creating” in our classrooms, I am excited to say I have seen many examples from all over the World where they are taking this creation beyond our school walls.

While I was at ISTE in Atlanta this year, I came home to this “Persuasive Presentation” my 10-Year old daughter placed on her blog.  She created this on her own with no help or prompting (except from her 5-year old brother). I am proud that kids today can 1) Access tools for creation 2) Use their imagination to create things meaningful to them 3) Feel confident in their abilities to share with the world. (YES- she needs to work on her citing and NO- we are not getting a Cat!)

A Pet Cat

A presentation in vivid color and fun fonts by Carter Crane


*Having a pet increases happiness and can help you live longer.

In the timeless debate between dogs and cats, I have come to a conclusion that cats are better for our family situation.


*Cats are more independent and require less attention than DOGS.

*They don’t need to be taken outside constantly.

*They are basically a free pest control.

Questions commonly asked:

*Do cats come in low and non-shedding breeds?

*What are the best foods for cats?

*Should I have my cat de-clawed?

*How much maintenance is required?

Your questions will be answered in the following slides.

FUR: What to do about shedding?

You may have noticed how much cats shed their fur. Well, you’re in luck, because I have taken the liberty of making a list of low and non-shedding breeds.

*Bengal          *Turkish Van

*Bombay         *Sphynx

*Burmese        *Turkish angora

*Colorpoint Shorthair   *Tonkinese

*Cornish Rex         *Somali

*Devon Rex

*European Burmese







Burmese           Colorpoint Shorthair


Look online for more pictures of the listed cats, but My personal favorites are the Somali and and the Turkish Van. Once you decide which cat breed is for you, you should check out the next few slides, or look at them right now for further info.

Turkish Van         Somali             Singapura

Food:What is best for my cat?

For dry cat food I recommend one of the Purina One formulas. They come in these flavors:

*Healthy Kitten Formula (for young cats)

*Salmon & Tuna flavor

*Chicken & Turkey flavor

They also come in special flavors for different medical reasons such as maternity, healthy metabolism, hairball etc.

As for wet cat food, if you are satisfied with Purina One dry cat food, you may like to try their wet food too, but I recommend Wellness Complete Health recipes.They come in:

*Kitten(young cats)

*Salmon and Trout

*Chicken                         *Salmon,Shrimp, & crab

*Chicken and Herring

*Beef and Chicken

*Chicken and Lobster


*Beef and Salmon

*Turkey and Salmon


Claws:Should I declaw my cat?

To cats, clawing is a natural, healthy, and important behavior. Cats claw to exercise and enjoy themselves, to maintain the condition of their nails, to stretch their muscles, and to mark their territory—both visually and with scent.

Declawing is not like a manicure. It’s a serious surgery that involves 10 individual amputations—not just of the cats’ nails but of the last digit of each toe as well.

Cats often experience extreme pain when they awaken from the surgery and often have difficulty walking. Declawing results in a gradual weakening of leg, shoulder, and back muscles. After the surgery, the nails can grow back inside the paw, causing extreme pain unbeknownst to the cat’s guardian.

Cat’s shouldn’t be declawed, as you can see It causes them much more pain than keeping their claws. If scratching becomes a problem, I suggest getting a scratching post to take it’s mind of your furniture.

Maintenance:How much is needed?

Cats are not high maintenance pets, but do require an occasional grooming. The length and thickness of their fur determines how much they need. The main responsibility though is feeding them and cleaning their litterbox. I have prepared a list of must-haves for cat owners. Take a look:

*food & water bowls   *collar   *licence  *brush and/or comb

*Instruction manual or guide book   *toys or scratching post

*food   *litter box   *kitty litter   *litter box liner   *bed

*cat carrier/cage

Now, here is a list of the most popular cat names in case you haven’t thought of what you want to name your cat:

*Dexter   *Kitty   *Tiger   *Smokey   *Shadow   *Tigger   *Baby   *Princess   *Max   *Oreo   *Angel   *Bella   *Buddy   *Gizmo   *Midnight   *Sassy   *Simba   *Patches   *Precious    *Lucky    *Lucy  *Chloe   *Boots   *Charlie   *Callie   * Sammy   *Jack   *Pepper   *Fluffy   *Missy   *Kiki  *Molly  *Daisy   *Sophie   *Garfield   *Lilly   *Cleo  *Gracie   *Oliver  *Milo  *Pumpkin  *Toby  *Jasper  *Sam  *Misty  *Felix  *Sasha  *Oscar  *Rocky  *Bailey  *Ginger  *Jasmine  *Peanut  *Simon  *Bandit  *Mittens  *Boo  *Coco  *Harley  *Luna  *Cookie  *Snickers  *Abbie  *Mimi  *Snowball  *Salem  *George  *Nala  *Sugar  *Leo  *Casper  *Miss Kitty  *Whiskers  *Socks  *Trouble  *Maggie  *Buster  *Rascal  *Mia  *Otis  *Willow  *Scooter  *Muffin  *Chester  *Jinx  *Zoey   *Thunder  *Raphael  *Banjo  *Cherry  *Merida  *Aurora  *Bob

Mother and Bonus-Father, as you can see this means a lot to me, I won’t mess this up, I promise, please, I have already found a cat from the Fayetteville Animal Shelter that looks very nice. It is a young female turkish van/american shorthair. (Young, not kitten, young.) I believe that she has been spayed, she is black with a white mark on her chest.

 This is Yoko (I would change her name.)


Pretty awesome parents!

Lucky (am I)!

Endlessly cool!



Ever stupendous!

All of this is riding on me getting a cat! Realize that! (JK!!!!) (Only half JK!!!!) 😉

CREATING LIKE THIS DID NOT HAPPEN WHEN I WAS TEN YEARS OLD! Thank you educators…you are absolutely #rockinit !

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