Why Chairman Wheeler is about to become a Rural Education ‘Folk Hero’

Do you know what E-Rate is? If you don’t and you are an educational leader, educator, or parent….get educated! Here is a link to the basics of E-Rate (2014): http://www.slideshare.net/nebraskaccess/erate-basic-training-for-funding-year-2014

Major changes look to be coming in the upcoming weeks regarding E-Rate:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 2.57.34 PM

These changes proposed by Chairman Wheeler will hopefully be adopted within the next few weeks and E-Rate as we have known it, in my opinion will CHANGE THE FACE OF RURAL EDUCATION! WoW! Think about that…one man, Chairman Wheeler, one huge decision by our FCC…can completely change the landscape of rural education in America.

BUT DON’T GET ME WRONG….this proposal; Mr. Wheeler’s willingness to increase the cap on E-Rate spending intending to allow ALL STUDENTS in America to access High Speed Internet WILL NOT BE ALL IT TAKES to change the face of rural education.

It’s going to take all of us…rural administrators, rural teachers, rural parents, and rural community members to not only ADVOCATE for this E-Rate funding, but to follow through and create schools that allow our rural schools to explore, access, and create at the pace of students across the world. We must maximize this High-Speed Internet access as a tool to provide exemplary schools for all of our students; regardless of locale.   (Non-Rural Support will be great too!)

WE must:

1) ADVOCATE- if we don’t do E-Rate Paperwork done Correctly; this won’t work!

2) Change Pedagogy- teaching will have to change for the sake of student learning with new High Speed Internet Connectivity.

3) Provide Professional Learning; our teachers need to learn how to teach in this new environment of “Connectivity”

4) Inform & Mobilize our Communities as part of our schools- use our resources…many community members may work in connected environments & can be resources; as always parents MUST STAY INFORMED!

5) Listen to #stuvoice as we join the “HIGH SPEED” Community

6) CELEBRATE…we are going to have many WINS along this Journey!

7) Many, Many, Many, more things as we go!

Thanks Chairman Wheeler…if WE in the Rural Education Community do this right…you’ll be a “Folk Hero” before you know it!


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