Building Relationships with Staff MATTERS!

This week I have had the opportunity to bring 9 staff members to the 22nd Annual Model Schools Conference in Orlando, Florida.

Newsflash: Orlando is a long way from St. Paul, Arkansas!

Check out this #selfie of me & our 21st Community Learning Center Co-Coordinator:

Model Schools Plane

This was her first time on an airplane ever!  Talk about an awesome thing to experience with someone!

We have already seen several great keynotes; admittedly, MY favorite presentations have been from other practitioners “doing the work” in their schools & being able to have conversations with them about their work and the work we are doing in our school.

One thing emphasized at Model Schools is “Teacher Leadership” and how important this is to the success and overall culture of our schools. However, it is amazing to me the number of Principals and Administrators who came to the Model Schools Conference without their teachers!?


Model Schools Group 14

St. Paul Schools Model Schools Group 2014

I know $$$ is tight; however, I did 3 presentations (we are a ‘Model School’ & yes we are proud!) myself to help defer our costs and rearranged our budget, scrimping and saving so we could make this trip happen! This type of learning is crucial to the success of our school moving forward.

It is and must continue to be a priority that we as a STAFF practice continuous, reflective, innovative learning!

Truth be told, WE ARE a “Model School’ today; but our planning/actions now will determine if we will still be a “Model School” in 2020 (and earlier). Continually learning and our actions/reactions and practices are what truly impacts student learning.  We are all here to serve our students and provide them the best learning experiences we can; to accomplish this, we MUST be continuous learners.

Throughout this conference all of us are learning; and all of us are sharing; we will take what we have learned and share it with our buildings and all the staff that didn’t get the opportunity to attend the conference, for one purpose; IMPROVING OUR SCHOOL for our students!

But, very importantly; all of us are growing closer & building our RELATIONSHIPS!

As we talk about education and how important the relationships we have with our students are; (I truly do believe this; relationships are the foundation of all the things we do in education.)

As administrators, let’s NOT FORGET how important the relationships we have with our staff our. Take the time to form the relationships with your staff, where there is mutual trust and respect and where there is a genuine connection. IT DEFINITELY MAKES A DIFFERENCE!

#22ndMSC Memories!


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  1. Hal Roberts said:

    Well, you know how I feel about this, a part of my presentation Sunday is on this. I actually thought of saying “I want Daisy to speak on this slide!” Sometimes scary how much you and I have so similar views.

  2. You are such a good example of a leader who Leads By Example. Thank you for your good example to the education leaders in our country.

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