What if Adults Handled Change as WELL as Kids?



Let’s face it…we’re creatures of habit; we don’t like to change. I park my car in the same spot at church every week, I have the same breakfast everyday; I like my routines. As adults we don’t see change as something that can be “good” for us or “better” for the whole group…we usually see it as punitive; something someone is forcing us into. It’s not often you hear an adult say, “I was reflecting on my actions as of late and I’ve decided I need to make some personal changes for the betterment of not only myself, but my family, and society as a whole; I need to be a better me!” Trust me, I’ve prompted my husband with cue cards and I can’t get him to say this!

So why are we reluctant to change? I believe it has to do with an adult stigma that changing means what you were doing before was WRONG. For some reason 95% of adults I know seem to be hypersensitive to being wrong.

That’s where my idea “What if adults handled change as well as kids?” comes in.

This summer was THE summer of change for the Duerr family. It was the first summer I have been home in 10 years. I’ve been on 245 day contracts (Principal) since my daughter was 1…so basically this was my first summer with my kids. Talk about a change! As my now tween daughter said, “I’ve never seen you be domestic mom”…and I have to be honest; it wasn’t too pretty! But…when I wasn’t good at something I tried to do; like my many EPIC cooking fails: my six-year old son taught me a great lesson. He said, “Mom, you’re just learning…you get to keep trying you know. I bet you’ll do better next time!” So…even though I’d charred his grilled cheese to the color of a charcoal briquette, to my son I hadn’t failed or done anything wrong…I was just learning!

This realization explains why children can be so fearless!

Boy…does it feel good not to fail…but to know you just need to keep trying!

I want to keep that attitude. I don’t want to think of change as punitive I want to think of it as necessary GROWTH for improvement…like a child does!


This amazing spirit and strength is why when it was time for my kids to go to their brand new schools today for their very 1st days; where my son knows only a few students & my daughter is entering Middle School & knows no one…they leapt out of their beds ready for the day with smiles on their faces!

CK Coop 1st 6th

Kids handle change as necessary growth…mom hid a tear; I’m still working on it.

3 Responses to What if Adults Handled Change as WELL as Kids?

  1. Scott Smith said:

    Great read Daisy! I learned so much from my son and daughter as they grew up. Especially as it pertains to adaptation and change. I continue to do to learn from students everyday as it pertains to change. Kids are sometimes the best change agents.

  2. Peter said:


    Once again, you speak the plain, honest truth and hit us with amazing incites. This post is a great message for our teachers to hear today as we all agree that “change” is the only constant in education. It is a message of Growth Mindset. We are all learning.

  3. Nate said:

    Right on point. Love the quote, “Change is hard at first…”. We all need to understand it’s about the process and what it does for us.

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