We ALL Have to Keep Working!


via sheknows.com

via sheknows.com

Today I read another article talking about inequality in education for poor American children. This time the article is from the Daily Herald and addresses Poor Suburban Schools.

How do we get more success stories at poor suburban schools?

Every time I read one of these, whether it be about Urban, Suburban, or my sentimental favorite… Rural Schools…it just makes me feel like I took a giant punch in the stomach.

I immediately ask myself, “How is this possible?”  Yes…the story gives examples of successes, but focuses on America’s lack of ability to sustain success across the educational plain.

In my opinion: Educators are working harder than ever and more money is being spent than ever…but ALL STUDENTS STILL AREN’T GETTING THE BEST EDUCATION POSSIBLE.

We were able to turn our poor rural school around with very few resources: Digital Learning Day Live 2015 St. Paul Public School

“No Excuses…No Limits” was a motto we lived at our poor, rural school.  Despite difficult circumstances we were able to change culture, build leaders, and achieve success! I know first hand that students & schools can be successful; regardless of outside influences, socio-economic status, and location. It takes a huge commitment and effort from all stakeholders; there is work to be done.

My Conclusion: We ALL Have to KEEP WORKING! Until Excellence is the norm in ALL our Schools for ALL of our students!

Work in Progress


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